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Kitchen + Pantry Makeover

Your environment directly impacts your health. This kitchen and pantry makeover will help you reclaim your power around food and make healthy eating easy and accessible, and most importantly, enjoyable.

I use the traffic light method of organizing, where foods are labeled as red (stop - eat small amounts less often or rarely), yellow (slow - enjoy small amounts once or twice a week), and green (go - eat these daily).



Together, we will take a thorough look through your pantry and refrigerator to identify food items as red, yellow, or green foods. We will work together to decide what foods are best to eliminate and what you want to keep, increase, or add to your diet. I will also help you understand how to swap low-nutrient items for comparable high-quality, nutrient-dense choices.

After we've reviewed your current food supply, we will create a healthy shopping list in order to help you get more green foods into your pantry and refrigerator.

Additionally, I can accompany you to the grocery store to help you navigate the aisles with ease and apply these skills to find the best choices for you and your family.

This is a great service that the entire family can benefit from!


*most makeovers can be done in 1 - 2 hours

*grocery trips usually add an additional 1 - 2 hours



Thank you! I will be in touch soon!

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